Yorks Bakery Cafe

One rainy Saturday I was rushing through Birmingham when I stumbled upon Yorks Bakery Cafe.  I’d heard a friend mention the name and as I peered through the glass at the dry people sipping away on hot drinks I decide this is the opportune moment to take some shelter and check it out.

I always prefer to go to independent coffee shops as there tends to be more passion and knowledge meaning  the coffee is much better than anything you would ever get in a chain. Yorks did not disappoint and my soy flat white was just what the doctor ordered. I eyed up the cakey offerings on the counter which looked equally appetising and this was confirmed by the contented people I witnessed eating them on the surrounding tables. I didn’t try it myself but I heard the peanut blondie brownie is something to shout about.

In addition to the top notch coffee and good food the surroundings are also a big part of what Yorks has to offer. It is light, modern and the design has been well thought out; it even features those hanging down bulbs I’ve come to know and love. I know you shouldn’t judge a coffee shop by its light bulbs, but I do! On top of all of this there was friendly service, books and board games – all in all a pretty great place to grab a caffeine fix and shelter from the rain.

Address – 1-3 Newhall Street, Birmingham, B3 BNH

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