My foody highlights from around the world

One of the best things about travelling is undoubtedly getting to sample the culinary offerings of another country, continent and culture. I’ve eaten some good (and very bad) things along the way so here’s a list of just a few of my highlights to wet your appetite:

Fika in Sweden
I liked Sweden anyway but when I heard about the daily ritual involving coffee and cake I liked it even more. Fika, a similar concept to afternoon tea, is a social institution which involves having a coffee and cake break with your pals or colleagues. What’s not to love? The result of this is an endless choice of cafes serving up not only top-notch coffee, but some of the most incredible cakes I’ve ever tasted.

Fika Sweden

Delicious cake on Vaxholm Island in Sweden

Thali in Sri Lanka
What’s better than a tasty curry? Lots of different tasty curries! One of my favourite things about Sri Lanka was certainly the food. Sri Lankan curries are light but full of flavour and the best way to sample as much as possible is to order a thali. This is essentially a tray with around 4 different vegetarian, fish or meat dishes served with rice. One of the best curries I sampled was a traditional home cooked Sri Lankan curry made using chicken on the bone. The meal was made by the mother of our host in Mirissa, I only wish I had the recipe.

Sogan-Dolma in Bosnia
I discovered this dish on a recent trip to Bosnia. Our airbnb host recommended Sadrvan in the old town of Mostar where we could sample some good local cuisine. The dish is made from vegetables (peppers in this case) stuffed with minced beef and topped with a thick sour cream. The combination of ingredients makes for a mouthwatering dish full of flavour. If you’re ever in Bosnia make sure you try it!

Dolma in Bosnis

Victor sampling the delights of Dolma in Bosina

Chickpea Soup in Morocco
When I was in Morocco I got very ill from eating bad meat and vouched not to touch it for the rest of the trip. Luckily for me almost everywhere serves up a slightly spiced chickpea soup which is both filling and tasty in equal measure. You can get this local dish in restaurants and from street vendors. It is perfect washed down with the Moroccan staple of sweet mint tea.

Tortilla in Spain
The most simple of things can often be the best. Tortilla (or Spanish omelette) is essentially just potatoes, onions, eggs and oil but there’s just something about how they make it over there. It’s almost impossible to make a tortilla as good as a Spaniard, and trust me I’ve tried! Anyway, why bother going to the effort of making it yourself when you can pick up a delicious slice in most tapas bars for just a couple of euros (or free in some cases)?

What are the best (and worst) things you’ve tried whilst travelling?

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