My first couchsurfing experience

At the grand old age of 30 it was finally time for me to experience Couchsurfing for the first time. My boyfriend (Victor) is a pro and sent out a number of requests to stay with people during our trip through Croatia and Bosnia. At the end of our travels we were lucky enough to get accepted by the wonderful Annie, who resides in the sleepy village of Dol on Hvar Island. After hopping on the ferry from Split we spent our final four days experiencing island life to it’s fullest, which was a blissful end to a busy two weeks.


Our Couchsurfing room in Croatia

From the moment we arrived Annie welcomed us into her world with open arms. On our first day we ate delicious home grown food and went for an early evening swim at one of her many secret spots, which was a sign of things to come. During our stay we met her friends, joined her morning ritual of Kundalini yoga and explored the island together. To me this is what Couchsurfing is all about; you’re not just passing through places but you’re living there like a local (if only for a few days).

swimming on Hvar island

City life in Amsterdam can be busy and hectic whilst island life was slower and more laid back. Back home we buy food from the supermarket and local market but on the island there was easy access to fresh home grown fruit and veg. This is what I really cherished about the experience; getting to submerge yourself in a completely different way of life and getting an insight to other peoples habits and rituals.

Hvar Island

Couchsurfing is certainly something I would like to try again, although our stay with Annie will take a lot of living up to! Have you tried Couchsurfing? If so, what were you experiences?

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