Exploring my own back yard

Before leaving the UK behind and setting off for a new life in Madrid I had a few weeks living back with my parents at my childhood home in Birmingham (and incase you´re wondering I didn´t kill them and they didn´t kill me). It was a great transitional period with time to catch up with old friends and an opportunity to enjoy and explore my hometown. Like many people, I´ve always taken my hometown for granted… when you live somewhere all your life it is easy to do so and to adopt the “some things never change” mentality.  The beauty of being from a big city like Birmingham is that, yes, some things do stay the same (which can be of great comfort for someone who moves around a lot) but some things DO change and if you look hard enough you can always encounter something new in your own back yard.  With a few weeks of local adventures under my belt I decided to put together a series of blogs about some places I know and love along with some recent discoveries. This first post is about one of my favourite outdoor spaces; Sutton Park.

Sutton Park
This huge park (biggest urban park in Europe to be precise) is within spitting distance from my parents house, so I’m lucky to have grown up with it on my doorstep. As a child there were countless trips to feed the ducks, play on the swings, go sledging and generally run around like a maniac. Now I’m a fully grown adult I’ve developed a bigger and completely different appreciation for this amazing space. You can drive into the park at certain gates so there tends to be more people around these areas but if you venture further in you can find yourself completely alone or at least somewhere very quiet.


There are peaceful areas of woodland where the sun filters through the trees, vast open spaces, large lakes, wild horses, angry geese and pensioners sitting on benches watching the world go by. You can spend hours roaming around the park so if you’re ever in this part of the world and are longing for some green space, I definitely recommend you check it out.

Sutton Park is easily accessible by car or is a short walk from Sutton Coldfield train station and centre.

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