Creatives around the world: a visual artist in Barcelona

In my latest interview I speak to Sofia Schizas, a visual artist living in Barcelona, Spain. Sofia divides her time between her artistic practice and Hey Sosi, a side project that she started around four years ago. If you follow me on Instagram you may even have noticed some of her work hanging in my home!

Sofia Schizas

Sofia working in her studio in Barcelona

Where is your place of work?

I currently divide my work between two spaces. For my artistic work I share a studio space with some friends in the Poble Nou district in Barcelona. It’s an industrial space and has large windows which gives plenty of natural light. I recently moved in, so I’m still trying to figure out my own space.

Hey Sosi’s, work space is located in my flat, where I’ve transformed one of the spare rooms into a studio. It’s not too big or bright but luckily it has high ceilings which gives the sensation of a bigger space. It hasn’t got much in it, just the basics: a working desk, a pair of bookshelves, a drawer unit and an extra table in case I need space for sewing and packing orders.

artist in studio

Sofia at work

What does your average day look like?

It really depends on what each day requires from me. Normally I get up pretty early in the morning around 7:00 and take my time over coffee and breakfast. If I need to stay at home for the day, I leave the house around 9:30 and do my errands for the day. I start my ‘office’ work at 11:00 in the morning and take my time to reply to emails and complete paperwork or work on a project I have already started. I normally work until late in the afternoon with a quick lunch break. I get ready to prepare dinner, cooking relaxes me a lot and helps me disconnect from work. I try to get to bed by midnight and get some rest for the next day.

Do you ever travel?

Yes, and I think it’s very important to do so! I recently came back from Norwich, where I took part in a fair called On Paper Festival. It is important to get out there and show your work and make connections with fellow artists and clients.

On Paper Festival, Norwich

Sofia at On Paper Festival, Norwich

What do you enjoy most about what you do and are there any negatives?

I enjoy everything in what I do! I love my job and I love drawing and painting. I don’t really have any negatives. It’s all part of the journey, part of the experience.

What has been the highlight(s) of your creative career?

This past summer I went to the Charles Nypels Lab at the Jan Van Eycke Academie in Maastricht, Holland to work on an amazing collaboration with Yuck Print House. My mission was to hand finish two different artworks, each printed in edition of 30 prints. A total of 60 risograph art prints, that were previously printed by Charles Nypels Lab. Mark from Yuck Print House specifically wanted me to hand finish the artworks, so a trip to Holland was necessary! I met amazing people during my stay and was an all round great experience!

artist working

Sofia at Charles Nypels Lab at the Jan Van Eycke Academie in Maastricht

What are your plans for the future?

I try not to plan ahead in the future, you never know what will come up tomorrow. I would like to keep working on what I’m doing now, hopefully in a studio of my own!

hey sosi

Shop Sofia’s work at

Thanks to Sofia for sharing your story. You can visit her website here and shop her artwork at

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