The best fries in Holland

Amsterdam is awash with places claiming to serve “Holland’s best fries” but I do believe I’ve found the real deal!

Now first up these aren’t Dutch fries, these are Belgium fries… don’t ask me what the difference is, I have no idea. From now on I am going to refer to them as chips, because I’m British and that’s what we call them! I was lucky enough to sample them at the start of a cycle trip with my boyfriend, who had been alerted to the chip situation (chip-uation? maybe not) by a friend of his.

We found the magical chips at a humble roadside cafe between the  Amsterdamse bridge and Spaarnwoude bridge.  No statements of grandeur here, just a cobbled together cafe.

best fries in Holland


The chips were fresh, I know this because we had to wait for them and I watched an old man pealing the potatoes outside (I assume he worked there and wasn’t just doing this for fun). They were crispy on the outside and soft on the inside – I don’t really know what more I can say about chips so I’ll leave it at that.

Top tip – Try the “patatje oorlog”, roughly translated “war fries”, served with satay sauce, onions and mayo, delicious!

How to find it – I’m not even sure this place has a name, let alone a website or place on google maps – so click here to see the Holland Speed Boat centre which is right by it and you shouldn’t go far wrong.

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