A Roadtrip in Asutrias, Spain

In the north of Spain you’ll find one of the country’s best kept secrets: the region of Asturias. With its breathtaking mountains and idyllic sandy beaches, its landscapes provide the perfect backdrop for a scenic road trip. Add into the mix a rich cultural heritage and delicious cuisine and you’ve got the perfect summer adventure. We spent a few weeks cruising along its winding country lanes, flanked by luscious green hills littered with sleepy villages.

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Our sweet ride in Asturias

We booked our car via EasyTerra Car Rental which compares prices between different hire companies. I’ve used similar sites before when we travelled to Ireland and South Africa, but what I love about EasyTerra Car Rental is the filtering options which allow you to search on things such as “zero excess” and “customer satisfaction”. They even have a “worry free” filter which means you’ll only see options which include unlimited kilometres, zero excess (or excess cover) and a favourable fuel policy from rental companies with good customer reviews. The only thing left to do is choose your wheels and start exploring! Here are some of our highlights from Asturias.

Asturian Cider at El Gaitero

Asturias is the capital of cider production in Spain and you’ll find it in almost every bar in the region. The cider is traditionally flat and has to be poured from a height to allow it to carbonate (and taste better). Watching locals pour is really quite the spectacle! If you can’t master the pour technique fear not: Asturias also produce a carbonated “champagne cider”. El Gaitero is a well-known brand which has been producing this type of cider for over 100 years. They are located just outside of the town of Villaviciosa and offer free tours! The tours are in Spanish but if you don’t understand (it was a little too fast for me to follow) it’s still fun to look around the site! For more information about tour times check the El Gaitero website.

El Gaitero Cider Tour Asturias

The home El Gaiitero

Enchanting churches in Covadonga

A trip to Asturias wouldn’t be complete without experiencing the beauty and magic of Covadonga. Here you can’t miss the Basilica de Santa Maria la Real de Covadonga, a grand church which towers over the village backed by green hills. Awe inspiring is definitely the best way to describe it. Here you’ll also find the enchanting Santa Cueva de Covadonga: a tiny church cut into the side of a mountain.

Basilica de Santa Maria la Real de Covadonga

Basilica de Santa Maria la Real de Covadonga

Breathtaking Beaches

When the sun shines (which doesn’t always happen in Asturias) it’s time to cool down beside the sea. Asturias is home to a coastline of fantastic beaches where you can truly unwind. One of our favourites was La Isla thanks to its soft sand and calm waters which are perfect for swimming. There’s even a rocky island you can swim out to (hence the name “La Isla”). The great thing about having a rental car is that you can cruise along until you find a beach that tickles your fancy!

La Isla Beach Asturias

La Isla Beach, Asturias

Gastronomic delights

Asturias is a veritable feast for food lovers with everything from hearty fabadas (bean stew) to Cabrales blue cheese. You’ll find quaint local restaurants and bars everywhere, but if you’re looking for an outstanding gastronomic experience don’t miss the tasting menu at Los Llaureles. The 9-course menu features small experimental dishes made from local produce. We started with an mouthwatering cheese appetizer which was made to look like a stone, then tucked into dishes such as a cold almond soup with cockles and ham and shellfish pate. Each course was an explosion of flavours, presented in a unique way. The tasting menu costs €36 per person (excluding drinks) and reservations must be made in advance.

Los Llaureles Asturias

A different take on the humble croqueta!

Culture and history in the capital of Asturias

The city of Oviedo is the capital of Asturias and boasts a number of historic and cultural attractions. One of the highlights is the Museo de Bellas Artes de Asturias (Museum of Fine Arts) which plays host to a collection of works by Asturian artists and the artists that influenced them. The city itself is full of picturesque plazas and narrow streets which are lined with ornamental buildings…the perfect place to wander, get lost and kick back with a glass of Asturian cider.

Oviedo Asturias

The picturesque streets of Oviedo

This post is sponsored by EasyTerra but all opinions are my own (and I’ll definitely be using them next time I book a rental car).

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