Dubrovnik on a budget

If you’re travelling on a budget then making stops in tourist hotspots can sometimes be a bit of a strain on the old bank account. During our recent trip to Croatia we visited Dubrovnik and managed to escape without blowing our entire budget on overpriced ice cream. Here’s a few tips on cheap and free things to do in Dubrovnik.

Climb Mount Srð
Every guide book says you MUST walk the walls in Dubrovnik but at 100kn (around €13) per person that’s more than a night’s accommodation! If something is really worth doing then we are more than willing to pay but on closer inspection it seemed that the walls were riddled with tourists and selfie sticks; not for us. We had met a couple in Mljet who advised that the best views were from Mount Srð which towers over the city. There is a cable car which takes you to the peak but it was priced at a lofty 100kn each and on top of this the poor people appeared to be crammed in like sardines. We noticed on a few maps that there was a trail which zig zagged its way up the hill so we decided to hike up. The first part of the trail is relatively easy as the path is shaded by trees however don’t be fooled as you will soon emerge into the blistering sun again. This walk isn’t for the faint hearted, mainly due to the intense heat, but when you reach the top you can look forward to incredible views over the city and its magnificent walls. The pathway is fairly rocky so I would suggest wearing walking boots or trainers for the climb and taking plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated.

Best view of Dubrovnik

Discover Game of Thrones’ Filming Locations

Dubrovnik’s merit as a tourist attraction has been even more exacerbated in recent years as it has provided a backdrop for a number of scenes in Game of Thrones. There are a number of companies offering ridiculously priced tours but I discovered the lovely Brands and Films Blog which highlighted a few spots which we managed to see. Also whilst you’re in the old town I suggest wandering down a few back streets where no tourists seem to be and you’ll instantly feel as if you’re walking the narrow streets of King’s Landing.

Narrow streets of Dubrovnik

Eat Börek
The old town is awash with fancy restaurants and whist the terraces look like a charming place to sit they are far too pricey for a budget traveller. Step outside the city walls and you’ll find a number of “pekaras” (bakeries to you and I). They serve up a variety of delicious pastries but our favourite was the Börek filled with meat, spinach or cheese. It’s a traditional Bosnian pastry but you’ll find it everwhere in Croatia and the best thing is that they are super cheap and one of the most filling things I’ve ever consumed.


These are just a few tips specifically for Dubrovnik. Of course we adhered to our usual budget plans here like finding the cheapest accommodation which in this case happened to be via Airbnb. As there were two of us, we often found that Airbnb or a guesthouse via Booking.com was cheaper than staying in hostels. Have you visited Dubrovnik on a budget and how did you get on?



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